History & Brand


Since 1989, thousands have successfully lost weight and rejuvenated their bodies through Sadkhin centers. As featured on Fox, NBC, and ABC, our program offers a proprietary and natural approach to hunger control while providing an eating plan to cleanse, synchronize, balance and optimize the body for safe and rapid weight loss.

The Sadkhin weight loss program was founded by Dr. Gregory Sadkhin. After medical school Dr. Gregory Sadkhin began his residency at the Odessa Cardiological Center. He worked with a team to research the best way to generate rapid weight loss in patients facing life-threatening situations. The first step was finding ways to limit their food intake, the leading cause of weight gain. Patients were immediately placed on a restricted diet, which seemed to work until patients began to cheat. They began eating more than they were allotted due to severe hunger. Discovering the solution to this dilemma became the foundation for The Sadkhin Method®.

Through Dr. Sadkhin’s study of acupressure points, he isolated 16 hunger active points behind the ears that, when correctly manipulated encourage the hypothalamus gland to release hormones, leading to feeling full. Based on these acupressure points, called the Sadkhin Points®, Dr. Sadkhin’s developed an innovative, natural and effective weight loss program called The Sadkhin Method®. Individuals, who follow the program, as directed, are able to lose significant weight naturally, safely, and quickly.


The Sadkhin brand has come to represent fast, natural and effective weight loss. In addition to our effective weight loss programs, we offer a branded line of Sadkhin products to support client weight loss goals. Our active R&D department is always developing new products and technologies that support and broaden our core approach to healthy weight loss. Every year, new innovative products, resulting from this research, are introduced to Sadkhin centers to support their client’s weight loss and healthy lifestyle goals. After more than 26 years, Sadkhin clients have come to expect the high quality weight loss program synonymous with the Sadkhin brand.

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