Proprietary Systems, Trademarks & Products

The SadkhinTherapy®

Is a weight loss system that utilizes The Sadkhin Method®, SadkhinTherapy® and Sadkhin Points®

The Sadkhin Method®

The Sadkhin Method® is a proprietary method of all natural weight loss combining SadkhinTherapy® and recommended foods.


SadkhinTherapy® is a proprietary hunger control method of applying Sadkhin Spheres™ behind ears to stimulate Sadkhin Points® to control hunger.

Sadkhin Points®

Discovered by Dr. Sadkhin, 16 biological active points are used to control the hunger.
When stimulated, the Sadkhin Points® send signals to the endocrine and nervous systems through the hypothalamus, a small area at the base of the brain that controls the release of hormones, which manage hunger.

Sadkhin Spheres™

Sadkhin Spheres™ are specially treated stainless steel spheres.

Sadkhin Software System™

Sadkhin Software System™ is our proprietary software used to manage daily franchisee operations that include client information modules, reports, POS and analysis.

Sadkhin Brand Products

Sadkhin brand products include proprietary blends of vitamins and minerals, seasonal herbal formulas, day and night teas, day and night soups. All Sadkhin Products are customized for our clients to support cravings and balance their weight loss.

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